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Harmonise your frequency

Bioresonance diagnostic

Bioresonance diagnostics is an energy-information system that enables detection of changes in the body by measuring the frequency of wave characteristics in it.
Bioresonance diagnostic

Meta teraphy

Meta-therapy is a process of returning and restoring particular organs, tissues or cells to their original optimum values. The therapy is performed with modulating electromagnetic waves that trigger the tissue structure while coming into resonance with the organ being treated.
Meta teraphy

Plasma therapy

Plasma therapy is carried out using high-frequency plasma generator, a new generation of devices to be applied in therapeutic purposes for various types of diseases.
Plasma therapy

What is bioresonance?

Bioresonance is part of energy medicine which uses electromagnetic frequencies to obtain information on organisms. The word bioresonance contains two terms: “Bio” refers to a living organism, and “resonance” means to vibrate in harmony with something, i.e. bioresonance studies living organisms and their specific vibrations and fluctuations.



*We are not medical professionals and we do not provide diagnosis, we are licensed therapists and we do body analysis.