meta terapijaMeta-therapy is a process of returning and restoring particular organs, tissues or cells to their original optimum values. The therapy is performed with modulating electromagnetic waves that trigger the tissue structure while coming into resonance with the organ being treated. Therefore, the therapy of the most appropriate frequency spectrum with “normal optimum values” that are available in the Meta database brings a certain cell, tissue or organ into balance. This therapy method gives us the ability to access almost normal organ values organs which are also called “etalons” (normal, standard). Therapy implementation, performance and length varies depending on the issue, history and receptivity of the person who requires the Meta-therapy. One treatment could be sufficient if the process is just emerging, and it is not acute or chronical. In case of acute and chronic processes the entropy degree of the organ is elevated. This requires more than one organ in order to restore the order in the structures and frequencies of our body. During one consultation more organs are simultaneously being treated.