Bioresonance is part of energy medicine which uses electromagnetic frequencies to obtain information on organisms.The word bioresonance contains two terms: “Bio” refers to a living organism, and “resonance” means to vibrate in harmony with something, i.e. bioresonance studies living organisms and their specific vibrations and fluctuations. We and everything around us in the universe as we know it has its own vibration that can be described with a frequency. Human organism emits electromagnetic waves as a reflection of biochemical processes that take place in the body. Apart from the physiological (healthy) frequencies there are also pathological frequencies or ill frequencies caused by different toxins, injuries, and infections. Scientists around the world and especially those in the United States, Japan, Russia and Germany have discovered the frequency of a healthy body, individual organs, tissues and cells. Frequencies of almost all microorganisms, chemicals and toxins are known today. By detecting the frequency of a body we can detect in what condition our organism is and what is causing an imbalance in the body.